Art and Artemisia


ARTEMISIA GENTILESCHI was a great Italian painter, born 1593 in Florenz and died 1652 in Neapel.
Her name includes the word ART. Like the name, the hotel artemisia includes art in its rooms. The changing display of paintings by women artists contribute to the unique atmosphere of our hotel.

Current Exhibition

In our public rooms, up January 8, 2005 we show:

Annette Schulz – Fotografie
Karin Angela Fleischer – Malerei


Permanent Display in the accommodations

Since 1997 our guest rooms are being decorated with borrowed paintings and artworks. For lend your artworks our thanks to

Barbara Maessen, Synnöve Werner,
>> Petra Lehnardt-Olm, Gesine Erler,
Hayde O., Birgit Schmidt,
Doli Hilbert, >> Jasmin Sylla,
>> Juliane Eckhardt, Sölvi W.-Isaksen
>> Wiebke Werner, Cato-Irmela Diez and Karin Herrera Perez.